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Every person living in America needs a car. Sure public transport is available for most places but the convenience of having an own car is exceptional. Any person living in this country would tell you that there is no better way to navigate around the city than in the car. In addition the pride of owning an own car is quite high for many reasons. You can also go anywhere you want at the time you want if you own a car. Getting a new car however is not an easy job for an ordinary American. There are a lot of things to think about when one is purchasing a new car. If you get the car on mortgage you would have monthly payments to make to the company. Plus you would have your regular monthly commitments in other areas. However in America it is mandatory that every car owner must at least have a basic insurance for every car they own.  It is an important legal requirement and without it one will not be legally permitted to drive the car. You need to compile a list of car insurance companies before you decide on best auto insurance to get.

Top 10 list of car insurance companies

However getting car insurance is not an easy task. There are many things to consider when getting car insurance quotes. Some important things include

  • The total insurance cover that you plan to get for the car.
  • The price of insurance cover that you get.
  • The liability that the insurance would cover would it be only third party or would it only is an insurance that would cover damages to your car also.
  • Should the insurance include medical cost of car driver?
  • What is the monthly or the yearly premium paid.
  • Are there any additions to the premium
  • What is the renewal policy and what is the renewal rate?

These are certain points that every car owner must consider before deciding on car insurance policy.  Another important point to consider before deciding on Auto insurance is the company you want to choose. Given below is a Top 10 list of car insurance companies in America. This list is not specific to any state or region hence this list is not exhaustive. You can take this list for reference and compare it against the list of car insurance companies in your region before you decide on best auto insurance.

Top 10 list of car insurance companies

Top 10 list of car insurance companies

  1. First in the list is the company GEICO which is a trustworthy brand in offering low cost auto insurance.
  2. Progressive is another name noteworthy company that has a lot of information online and is very good in making prompt insurance payments.
  3. 21st Century is a company which is very customer friendly car insurance company which has personable and welcoming agents in their service.
  4. State Farm is another car insurance company which has lowest car insurance rates and good coverage options.
  5. Erie is a company with a very consumer friendly website with a very clean and reputable image.
  6. Amica is a company where you have trust worthy agents and it is a company where you get what you paid for.
  7. Auto-Owners insurance company is a good company offering a large variety of insurance.
  8. Country Financial is an insurance company which offers excellent insurance rates and very good discounts and has lowest car insurance rates.
  9. Farmers insurance company offers timely claims handling and easy renewal.
  10. Allstate insurance company offers best overall service which has very knowledgeable representatives.

It is important to know that these are a list of car insurance companies around the country. To choose the best car insurance company suited for you need to take a list of car insurance companies in your area and then decide.

Top 10 list of car insurance companies

It is always advisable to ask for quotes form more than one car insurance companies before you decide. You need to ask for quotes with at least 3-4 car insurance companies before you decide. Always choose companies which are reputable and have a good track claims record. It is important that you check for the company’s name in the state department website and verify that the company is legally permitted to give auto insurance before you choose. Check for customer service and other important and relevant factors before you decide in on an auto insurance company. Get the companies that offer you good discounts or more coverage to your list. Some companies even offer multi coverage verifies all that before deciding on a company. You need to check car insurance quotes on a reputed websites to choose the final company.

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