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Driving your own car can turn out to be a great experience but it might have been a greater one of you have already made an insurance of it and that too, with a low rate. Your car insurance can be referred to as an effective means of retrieving the lost money if in case any accident or damage occurs to your car. However, nothing comes free in this world and hence you need to pay an amount yearly or monthly (as per your convenience) as premium. Now, car insurance coverage mainly depends on the amount of premium you are going to pay and it also varies company wise.  So, how much is car insurance going to cost you per month or year is the million dollar question here.

Now you can see the rules which are quite simple and obvious: you have to pay a big amount of premium when you own a luxurious big car or any expensive sports car whereas your payment rates will eventually come down when you own a less expensive vehicle. If you are upto the basic question “how much is car insurance?” you can find a handful of other drivers standing along your side seeking answer for the same question. They are, in fact, very much keen to discover a way out for finding the easiest and fastest way to get hold of the best possible insurance policy.

Key factors that manipulate how much is car insurance going to be

Here are some key factors which affect your car insurance cost:

Area where you live

Factors Determining On How Much Is Car Insurance?

The very first factor is the area where your house is. As most of the traffic accidents happen near home, the location where you reside has a great impact on the auto insurance rates.  Living in a populated neighborhood area with more number of cars implies that your car is prone to theft, collisions and accidents. There are also other factors adding more to your premiums such as car repairing, road conditions and weather etc.

The job you are into

Factors Determining On How Much Is Car Insurance?

Many car insurance companies also look into the connection amid the accidental risk you have in your job. Hence, they will adjust your premium accordingly if they view you have more chances to get into an accident. For an instance: journalists and the delivery  men remain on-road continuously which means they are at higher risk to face the accidents.

On the contrary, airline pilots drive only amid their home and airport and not always are on-road. Taking others onto account like paramedics, insurance underwriters, police officials and nuns obtain good auto insurance rates for being careful compared to average drivers.

Driving history

Factors Determining On How Much Is Car Insurance?

How well you drive? Have you ever been involved in a road accident? Well these are some of the questions you will be asked when going to buy a car insurance policy. For example: if you had made car insurance claims previously, received tickets or being involved in accidents then you might be charged a higher premium. Some car insurance companies even are going to reject your application if they found your driving record too bad. This is why you should ensure of maintaining a clean chit record for your benefits only.

Your gender and age

Factors Determining On How Much Is Car Insurance?

Although you have nothing to do at all in this point yet these two factors will determine your car insurance cost. If you are a lady and want to purchase an auto insurance policy then you are advantageous of paying lesser premiums as they regard female drivers safe compared to the male drivers.  Even statistical data proves the same. Contrarily old men usually incur higher rates than old women which again have some facts.

Your lifestyle and car insurance policy

Factors Determining On How Much Is Car Insurance?

Think about your lifestyle when considering the type of cover for your car. This is again a key to determine how much car insurance should be. If you rent cars often and travel on them then you can save big bucks by having the point in your insurance cover for the vehicle/s that you rent. So, a bit increase in your annual premium can save your additional charges on the rental insurance.

Marital status

Factors Determining On How Much Is Car Insurance?

Unmarried men are going to hate this but it’s true. Married people have the tendency of lesser accidents than single men which means lesser or no car insurance claims to be made. Hence, it is must for all to get married specifically for men that will lower down rates considerably.

Age of your car

Factors Determining On How Much Is Car Insurance?

Although the repairing expenses of an old car is same as the new one yet the former one is more prone to meet with an accident. This is owing to the fact the expenditure for the repairs of an old car can at times be high compared to the worth of your car. So, it is obvious for you to discard the old one thereby replacing it for a new than spending money on the repairs. Hence, it counts on how much is car insurance that you ought to pay.

All these factors will determine on how much car insurance should be. You can also seek help of insurance calculator available online to determine on how much is car insurance?

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